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Terms & Conditions

This document serves to delineate and elucidate the Terms of Use that preside over this website, establishing a binding agreement between You (referred to as "You," "Your," the "User," or the "Visitor") and Check One (referred to as "We," "Us," Our," or simply, “Check One"). Your utilisation of this website implies Your explicit consent and adherence to the aforementioned Terms set forth in this document. Consequently, We strongly recommend that You allocate sufficient time acquainting Yourself with these governing principles.

Website Licensing

Check One exclusively possesses and governs all copyright or intellectual property rights present on Our website. Your authorisation to access and utilise these materials is restricted solely to viewing them through your web browser, in accordance with the remaining provisions of these Terms.

It is expressly forbidden to:

  • • Download any Website materials;
  • • Republish or otherwise redistribute any Website materials;
  • • Sell or sub-license any Website materials; or
  • • Utilise any of the materials found on our Website for commercial purposes.

At our own discretion, if necessary, we have the authority to limit access to specific sections or the entirety of our website. In such cases, any attempt to bypass these restrictions using any method is strictly forbidden.

It is always Your responsibility to remain compliant with Your local regulations governing the jurisdiction in which You access and use Our site.

Acceptable Use

It is prohibited to:

  • • Engage in any activities that cause harm to the functionality of this website;
  • • Adversely affect the performance or accessibility of this website;
  • • Utilise this platform for engaging in unlawful endeavours;
  • • Employ this website as a means to disseminate harmful software, including but not limited to spyware and viruses;
  • • Gather any information related to this website; or
  • • Leverage any data found within the confines of this website for reaching out to individuals or entities.

It is Your responsibility to ensure that the information provide to Us is accurate and complete.

Limited Warranties

Under no circumstances do We guarantee the accuracy or entirety of the information provided on Our website. Additionally, We cannot ensure that the information displayed is up to date. Furthermore, there may be instances where Our website becomes temporarily unavailable without prior notice.

Check One reserves the right to modify access restrictions to this Site at any given time and at Our own discretion.

Although We take measures and precautions to maintain a secure environment for visitors, We do not provide any assurances regarding its safety. Therefore, it is recommended that Users exercise caution and conduct their own thorough research when using our website.

We disclaim all warranties related to these Terms or Our website as permitted by law in its fullest extent.

Liability Limitations and Exclusions of Liability

Nothing in these terms of use will:

  • • Limit or eliminate liability in cases of fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • • Limit liabilities in any way that is prohibited by law; or
  • • Limit liabilities through means not sanctioned by the law.

We shall not assume any responsibility or be held accountable for the following circumstances:

  • • Loss or alteration of data or comparable valuable assets;
  • • Indirect losses or damages sustained; or
  • • Any kind of loss arising from events beyond Our jurisdiction.

These Terms establish the complete scope of potential obligations that may emerge from these Terms, encompassing any such obligations arising from contract breaches, torts, or infringements of duty as sanctioned by law.

You acknowledge that We possess a vested interest in constraining the legal responsibility of Our staff.

Breaching of These Terms of Use

Should You breach these Terms of Use, or We suspect that You have done so, We maintain the right to:

  • • Send warnings;
  • • Suspend access to Our site;
  • • Prohibit access to Our site;
  • • Take legal action.

Should We restrict access to Our site, it is prohibited to try and circumvent the measures We put in place.

Third-Party Sites

Check One has no control over the content or operations of third-party sites, even if they are linked on our platform. It is your sole obligation to acquaint yourself with any regulations that govern these external websites.

Variation to these Terms

Occasionally, We may make changes to these Terms. Your use of Our Site implies continued consent with the Terms contained herein, and it is therefore Your responsibility to revisit this page in order to stay informed of any changes made.


You acknowledge and consent to Check One’s authority in choosing whether to delegate or otherwise convey Our entitlements under these Terms.

It is within your prerogative to file any essential grievances with the appropriate governing bodies. To do this, kindly get in touch with Us.

Terms of Use

It is prohibited for You to assign or otherwise transfer Your rights or obligations.


In the event that a court or any other appropriate governing body determines one of the clauses within these Terms to be unlawful, all remaining provisions stated herein shall remain fully effective.

Similarly, should any provision be removed from these Terms, all other provisions will continue to be in effect.

Third Parties and Their Rights

The contracts and agreements established between Check One and You exist solely for Your benefit.

The utilisation of the rights granted under these Terms and Conditions does not require any consent from any third-party.

Entire Agreement

This page, along with Our Privacy Policy, constitutes the comprehensive agreement between Check One and You concerning Your utilisation of Our Site. These documents supersede any prior agreements that may have governed Your usage of Our website.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms are governed in accordance with the laws of United Arab Emirates. Any claims issued as a result of these Terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of United Arab Emirates.

Our Company Contact Information

Our full details are:
Full name of legal entity: Check One Services FZCO
Email address:
Postal address: Unit 101, DSO-IFZA, Dubai Digital Park, Building A2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
License Number: 11968

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the manner in which Check One ("Check One," "We," "Us," or "Our") utilises, acquires, and safeguards the data We obtain during the utilisation of Our Website ("Website").

The collection and management of personal information provided to Us are regulated by local legislation on data protection.

Remaining cognizant and up-to-date with the contents of this document is Your responsibility as it consistently serves as an adjunct to any other declarations issued by Check One.

What Types Of Information Are Collected?

During your utilisation of Our services and Website, there may be occasions where it becomes necessary for you to provide us with specific information that can enable us to ascertain your personal identity. This category is commonly referred to as Personal Information. The subsequent list outlines several classifications of data which we might potentially gather, falling under the umbrella term of Personal Information:

  • • Your first and last name;
  • • Your email address(es);
  • • Contact details, including phone numbers and/or addresses;
  • • Your employer(s);
  • • Any relevant contact details for Your business;
  • • Your date of birth as well as Your location of birth;
  • • Any necessary personal documents and numbers/information.

As You interact with Our Site, it may be necessary to process additional information, some of which is considered personal. This can include:

  • • Your IP address(es);
  • • The browser used;
  • • The operating system used.

Please note that Check One only ever collects information that is strictly required to fulfil Our service obligations.

How Do We Use Personal Information?

The data that You provide to Us is processed and used in the following conditions:

  • • You have granted your consent for our utilisation of the aforementioned data;
  • • The data is necessary for us to provide our services;
  • • The data is essential in order to fulfill regulatory obligations; or
  • • The usage of the data aligns with our shared interests.

We use this personal information in order to:

  • • Provide Our services;
  • • Onboard clients and customers;
  • • Analyse Website statistics.

At times, we may dispatch direct marketing materials that we deem advantageous for you. Although we will require your prior consent to receive such communications, you retain the right to opt out of these messages by reaching out to us.


As You use Our Website, analytics will be collected and used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • • Assessing and improving the quality of Our services
  • • Resolving disruptions or service issues
  • • Developing and creating new content
  • • Examining the ways Our Website is used

The data gathered for these intentions is acquired as you utilise Our Website, through interactions such as clicking on links or retrieving documents.

We may use information like Your IP address to modify the outlook of Our site or customise content accordingly.

Should external service providers furnish the tools used to gather and analyse this information, it may be necessary for us to disclose Your information to them.


Cookies are created when individuals browse the internet and may contain anonymous identifiers. Numerous websites, including our own, also employ cookies. You possess the authority to modify which cookies are enabled or disabled through both your browser settings and our cookie management system.

Disclosure Of Personal Information

Only employees or agents who require access to fulfill our service obligations or meet regulatory requirements will have access to your personal information.

If we need to share your personal information with a third party, we will still maintain responsibility for how it is managed and controlled.

We take great care and make reasonable efforts to ensure that the handling of your data by external parties aligns with our standards.

While we may not be obligated to inform you of requests from regulatory bodies for access to your personal information, we will consider your interests before doing so.

Cross-Border Information Transfers

Due to the diverse global presence of numerous external service providers, they may be bound by distinct regulations and obligations regarding Your data. By furnishing Us with Your information, You acknowledge and agree that this data might be transferred to a nation or legal jurisdiction which does not uphold an equivalent standard of caution in regards to the management and manipulation of Your data.

Personal Information Retention

Check One generally only has to preserve personal data until we have fulfilled our service obligations. Nevertheless, there might be situations where legal or accounting requirements necessitate the retention of this information for an extended duration.

In the event that we no longer require access to your data, we will securely discard it and, if mandated by law, inform you about its disposal.

Protection of Personal Information

All collected information is securely stored by us. In addition, our employees are fully aware of their responsibilities regarding the handling and utilisation of your personal data, and we make every effort to ensure that only qualified individuals have access to it.

To achieve this objective, we strictly adhere to established industry standards when using systems and tools for data management and protection. Furthermore, we implement various security measures on our website and platform.

It is crucial to emphasise that despite these precautions, absolute privacy and security cannot be guaranteed for online distributed information. Therefore, you acknowledge that using our site carries inherent risks which you assume at your own discretion.

Your Rights

When it comes to Your Information, You may have certain rights, which can include, but are not limited to:

  • • Asking for copies of Your information;
  • • Inquiring about Our data collection procedures and processes;
  • • Updating Us with correct information;
  • • Requesting the deletion of Your information should We no longer require it;
  • • Requesting a change to another data controller, including Yourself.

Should it become necessary, You also have the right to lodge a complaint to the relevant authorities regarding the use of Your collected information.

In order to exercise any of these rights, please contact Us.

Privacy Policy Changes

This page shall be updated with any modifications made to this Privacy Policy. To ensure you remain well-informed regarding the usage, collection, and disclosure of your data, we strongly advise revisiting this page on a regular basis.


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to regulate the utilisation of information obtained through engagement on Our website. Nevertheless, occasional references may lead to external websites operated by third parties on Our platform. Prior to accessing such sites, it is incumbent upon You to comprehend how these third-party platforms manage Your data.


If a conflict arises between this document and any contract or agreement that you have with Check One, the terms of the contract shall take precedence. Any provisions in this Privacy Policy that are inconsistent with applicable data protection laws will not be enforceable.